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MBM Training Services offers the following workshops:


For Organizations:
Collecting and Connecting: Designing and Implementing a Knowledge
Management Strategy

Learn key steps, strategies, tools, tips and trends to implement a Knowledge Management strategy in your organization.

Full day
SNAG your New Hire: The 10 Steps to On Boarding success
The first few days are critical in the life of any new hire. Learn how to leverage this time, as well as the entire first year to achieve new hire success.
Half day
Coaching Supervisors to Maximize Performance
Supervisors play a vital role in supporting learning, facilitating change, connecting employees and improving performance. Here’s how you can help them support high levels of employee performance.
Half day


For Employees, Students, and Community Colleges:
Adaptability: The Key to Career Success
Adaptability has been defined as the today’s key skill for career success. What is adaptability? Why do you need it? How do you get it? We provide 10 strategies for becoming adaptable in the workplace.
Half day
Learning to Remember: Remembering to Learn

Most workers are left to learn their jobs on-the-job! This session provides enhanced techniques to improve job performance. Learn about strategizing, memory, networking, and communication techniques for success.

Half day


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